Technology Integrations

Leverage your existing security investments

Balabit’s Privileged Access Management solution can be easily integrated into your existing security ecosystem – making it easy to defend your business against malicious privileged user behavior. Our Privileged Session Management (PSM) module provides certified integrations with some of the leading security vendors in the fields of privileged identity management, IT Services Management, SIEM and multifactor authentication.

It’s all possible through our flexible API and plugin framework.

IT Services Management


As change management (e.g. ticketing) systems are not enforcement points, they are not capable of monitoring the real activities of support staff in IT systems. Balabit’s Privileged Session Management provides a plugin to integrate with ServiceNow, enabling ticket ID request and validation prior to authentication on target servers. By granularly controlling and monitoring the work of IT support staff in real-time, PSM provides an additional layer of security for your organization.

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Multifactor Authentication


The PSM offers seamless integration with RSA SecurID, implementing two-factor authentication to ensure that only authorized users can access their privileged accounts. RSA SecurID authentication can be enforced for all privileged users. This can simplify strong authentication implementation while enforcing MFA authentication requirements across the board.  This integration provides an extra security layer  enabling a centralized, secure access via single sign-on to an organization’s IT assets.

Inwebo 2fa

Similarly to the Okta integration, Balabit PSM integrates with the inWebo’s two-factor authentication tool. The integration adds an additional security layer to the gateway authentication performed on the PSM platform. It also protects from key logger and man-in-the-middle attacks. The authentication can be more user friendly as the inWebo Authenticator App offers possibility to use PIN, fingerprint or simply the „Accept” button on the user’s own device.

Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

To support multi-factor authentication, PSM integrates with the identity management service Okta. This enables organizations to leverage an additional out-of-band factor (typically through the user’s registered smartphone) when authenticating the user. The additional factor is processed in-line with the connection, so users don’t have to switch to an external application to process the additional factor. This results in an efficient user experience that is readily accepted by the users.

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Privileged identity management

Lieberman Red – Rapid Enterprise Defense Suite

Lieberman Software and Balabit are strategic alliance partners. PSM offers out-of-the-box integration with Lieberman’s leading privileged identity management platform, Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM). The joint solution sets a new level of best practice for Privileged Access Management, creating a unique approach to preventing identity theft. It means you can monitor the activity and behavior of privileged users, without granting them access to privileged credentials.

One Identity TPAM

Password managers such as TPAM are a necessary first line of defense for privileged accounts. However, they have access, control and monitoring limitations, which is why behavior has become so important. PSM offers plugin support to integrate with One Identity TPAM (formerly known as Quest TPAM). So you can control and monitor privileged user sessions, without giving users access to the privileged passwords managed by TPAM.

Thycotic Secret Server

PSM offers plugin support to integrate with Thycotic’s enterprise password management software, the Secret Server. Together, our solutions offer increased protection of administrative passwords without disclosure to users. You can benefit from granular access control to IT resources, tamper-proof user monitoring, and customizable reporting.

Cyberark® Enterprise Password Vault®

Balabit offers an easy way to connect our PSM with CyberArk® Enterprise Password Vault®. Using these products together, you can create a comprehensive Privileged Access Management solution that protects critical assets and meets compliance requirements related to access control.
Note: The Balabit™ name is trademark of Balabit S.A. All other registered and unregistered logos and trademarks used on this Site are the property of their respective owners. Balabit is not an authorized partner of CyberArk®. The technical interoperability with CyberArk® is based on CyberArk® Enterprise Password Vault® ver.7.20. The interoperability has not been endorsed or authorized by CyberArk®.

Security information and event management (SIEM)

Splunk Enterprise

Security events managed by Splunk can extended to cover privileged user activity with Balabit’s PSM. Our PAA enriches Splunk data by sending issued commands and prioritized user and activity lists. Also, all information is searchable and visualized in the Splunk web GUI. So daily security operations are simplified, because manually downloading and inspecting user-related logs becomes unnecessary.

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Micro Focus Arcsight

Balabit is a Micro Focus Technology Alliance Partner. Our PSM has a Micro Focus ArcSight Certified integration, which means it can send logs containing user-related data and activity information to the Micro Focus ArcSight Data Platform. With this integration, security analysts can monitor privileged users’ daily activities via a single pane of glass in the SIEM system. It means that security operations can be simplified by improved alerting, faster incident investigations and deep, forensic visibility of high-risk user actions.

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Technology Platforms


Privileged Session Management supports the NetApp CIFS, the file system supported by NetApp, the leading storage manufacturer. Now audit trails can be natively backed up and archived to NetApp NAS storage appliances. Balabit is a member of the NetApp Alliance Program.


Balabit is a VMware Technology Alliance Partner. PSM supports the VMware View protocol, allowing to monitor and record all user activities in a VMware View environment. As PSM supports the HTTP(s) protocol, you can also audit your VMware administrator managing the vSphere infrastructure. In addition, PSM is available as a virtual appliance, that runs on VMware ESX.

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Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop

Balabit is a Citrix Ready PLUS partner. PSM supports the Citrix ICA protocol to access virtual desktop and application server infrastructures designed by Citrix. PSM is the first client- and server independent solution, which can transparently control and audit access to XenDesktop and XenApp deployments. PSM is a powerful Citrix Session Recording (SmartAuditor) alternative. PSM is a quickly deployable enterprise device, completely independent from clients and servers – integrating seamlessly into existing Citrix environments.

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Microsoft Azure

Controlling and monitoring privileged users in the cloud is a major security challenge today. To prevent insider threats in your Microsoft cloud, you can deploy PSM from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, with a bring-your-own-license model. This option enables small and mid-sized enterprises to conveniently audit the activity of their privileged users across on-premise and cloud infrastructures. PSM is also available as a virtual appliance, that runs on Microsoft Hyper-V.

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PSM as part of PAM

Privileged Access Management goes beyond password-based authentication to pro-tect your business against privileged access misuse. The PSM component establish-es a central control point for authentication and authorization, helping you to stop ma-licious behavior and speed up forensics without affecting the workflows of genuine, legitimate privileged access users.

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